The Journey (Esta Burroughs)

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The Journey (Esta Burroughs)


Burroughs, Miggs



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Graphic artist Miggs Burroughs grew up surrounded by what he calls the “second wave” of artists to flock to Westport. Around the age of four, he moved to the town, where his father was part of a community of commercial illustrators that expanded in the 1950s. He met artists at home, at arts events and at the arts store downtown with his father.
Burroughs did not intend to follow his father’s path. But after graduating from Carnegie Tech - now Carnegie Mellon University - with a theater degree, he found himself doing production for a town newspaper. Arranging designs on pages for print, he first saw the appeal of graphic art.
Burroughs has since designed the town flag, public schools’ logo, Levitt Pavilion logo and Tunnel Vision, among other projects, in Westport. The local works are among a spread of other creations including a U.S. postage stamp, TIME Magazine covers, public access TV show “Miggs B on TV” and a book of questions titled “What If?”
The 2012 book opens by asking, “What if the most important moment in your life is this one? Can you handle the power it gives you to choose how you will spend the next one?”
Burroughs is also on the Westport Arts Advisory and Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts Committees, a founding member of the Westport Artists’ Collective and recently took on the role of Artist in Residence at the Westport Library.




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Burroughs, Miggs, “The Journey (Esta Burroughs),” Westport Public Schools Digital Collections, accessed August 14, 2022,

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