Thomas Sloane O’Conor, Jr.

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Thomas Sloane O’Conor, Jr.


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T. O’Connor Sloane, Jr.   was commissioned to be the WPA photographer to take pictures of the historic houses in Westport in 1935. His photos were black and white using glass plates negatives.
The two original framed photographs are on loan from his family in Westport. The first one pictures a house that is still standing on Cross Highway. The second one is the interior of a house, location unknown, in Westport.
Sloane, we believe, photographed all 131 historic exteriors of the houses in Westport and 11 interiors of some of the same houses. It is further believed that he was responsible for photographs of other historic houses in the state for the WPA.
began photography as a pre-teen when he lived in Orange, NJ, while his father, a noted scientist, was a  professor at Seton Hall.  A dedicated photographer he explored the aesthetics of photographer and did much of his work in gum bichromate, a darkroom process that makes it possible to render painterly images. 

He began exhibiting with Alfred Stieglitz's cadre of artistic amateur photographers at The Camera Club of New York, and in 1902 was an original member of Stieglitz's group, The Photo Secession. In his early 20s, he focused primarily on portraiture . In his early 20s, he became a professional and by 1931 had relocated from Brooklyn to Westport. He remained active until the 1940s, when a swimming pool accident severely damaged his eyesight.



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