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Carlus Edwin Dyer passed away quietly at his home in Yountville, CA on May 23, 2016 at the age of 99.
Born in Missouri, Carlus's father had MS and was a Mason, so the Masonic Lodge paid for the entire Dyer family to travel by train to Long Beach for his health. Carlus was in the Long Beach High School when the 1937 Earthquake struck and many residents had to live in tent cities. At that time the Long Beach Public Works Department put the damaged houses back onto their foundations, which took some months.
A prolific artist all his life, Carlus was originally inspired by painters in Southern California, painted public art for the WPA, then moved to NYC.
He was employed at the Museum of Modern Art, then the Silvermine College of Art as Assistant Dean and as Curator at The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in CT. He won two commissions sponsored by the State of Connecticut '1% For Art' program for monumental metal sculptures: 'Stamford Column' and 'Ascension'.
One is located in view of the main commuter rail traffic to NYC at the Stamford Transportation Center.
He is perhaps best well known for his beautiful and accurate illustrations for The Classic Ballet book with Lincoln Kirstein and George Balanchine. This dancer's manual is in it's 19th printing and considered the definitive text for ballet students. His art gradually moved from fine draftsmanship into abstraction in painting, sculpture and printmaking.
Carlus served in WWII in the Alsace region and helped in the Liberation of France and Germany. He became Battalion Historian and his history and citations are permanently on file at the War Department. While still overseas he taught classes at the Army's school for GI's in Biarritz. As a result of a switching of their Army duffel bags, he gained a life-long friend in the arts in CT, Gabor Peterdi.
He married Charlotte Trowbridge, a dancer in the Martha Graham Company. His second wife, Ruth Kobler Dyer, predeceased him and was also an artist, primarily of welded sculpture and jewelry. They lived in Ridgefield, CT where they renovated a 1906 double Dutch-roofed dairy barn into a handsome residence. The house was used as a set in an indie film starring Blythe Danner, who lives in nearby Westchester County, NY.
He is survived by his daughter, Carla Jaeger, of Yountville, and sisters Marjorie Mobley of Seal Beach and Peggy Bulrice of Long Beach.



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