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Maud Tousey was born on January 1, 1881. She began drawing in earnest when she was a teenager and studied at Boston's School of Fine Arts before coming to New York City on a scholarship to Cooper Union to continue her studies. Soon she was presenting her portfolio to the art director of Good Housekeeping magazine, Guy Fangel, who presented her with her first commercial assignments and later proposed marriage to her. The birth of their son, Lloyd, sparked Ms. Fangel's fascination with drawing babies. She created more than 1500 pictures of him before he was three, and later she would immortalize his face as the boy on the Cracker Jack box. Many of Ms. Fangel's pictures were done in pastels, which allowed her to capture the movements of her young subjects in swift, impressionistic strokes. Most of Ms. Fangel's models were children from poor families, orphanages, and settlement houses. Maud produced covers for Ladies' Home Journal, Woman's Home Companion, as well as advertisements for Colgate's Talc Powder, and Cream of Wheat. For a good part of the first half of the twentieth century, Ms. Fangel was the children's artist in our country. Her illustrations of ruddy-cheeked, doe-eyed, curly-locked children were everywhere. Maud Tousey Fangel passed away in 1968.




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