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Theodor Carl Muller was highly regarded, primarily as an interior architect and designer, throughout most of his life, with projects mostly in the Northeast, including New York,
Washington, and Vermont. However, there is also a history of notable new buildings and major additions. Although trained as an architect, in his early years he also concentrated on fine arts, with several important commissions, one-man shows, and participation in several important exhibitions. During the mid-century years, he involved himself in lighting, furniture, and fabric design, as well as interiors and fine arts. This experience was evidenced throughout his career in
designs of furniture and lighting to be custom made for the specific needs of a particular client. Muller’s particular and unusual combination of talents and experiences, plus winning the prestigious American Institute of Design award for furniture in 1948, contributed to his extraordinary mid-century success and recognition in New York and his accomplishments over a larger geographic area. Although an extraordinary designer, his work emphasized comfort and
grace in living spaces. Thus, he avoided subjecting his clientele to the modernist experiments and inventions of his most notable contemporaries. As a result, his designs have proven their ability to transcend any particular trend of the day and many of his interiors, though they clearly
evoke the spirit of an age that has passed, have survived nearly intact until now. Their survival is for reasons of continued good service with an enduring, attractive appearance, whereas many important modernist designs are preserved primarily as an historical statement. In this manner, Theodor Muller continued the design approach attributed to his former employer and colleague, Dorothy Draper.



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